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Beauty exchange is the best ever selection for getting beauty products, while you are in Florida, Orlando, and Atlanta. Beauty exchange runs twenty stores around South Florida, Atlanta, and Orlando.

Beauty Exchange has caught the hearts of millions of excellent customers and is forcefully extending over the globe. We jump into how Beauty Exchange has prevailing in the present pitiless retail atmosphere, featuring key exercises for retailers.

Envision strolling into a beautifying agents store with racks of cosmetics, racks of scents, walkways of each excellence item comprehensible — yet you can’t contact any of it.

Beauty exchange

On account of Beauty Exchange, magnificence customers presently don’t need to confront this situation. Beauty Exchange spearheaded the idea of attempt before-you-purchase for beautifying agents, which has been broadly reproduced across magnificence retail.

What’s more, during a period where the retail area is battling — with right around 7,000 stores shutting in the year 2020 — Beauty Exchange is prospering. Regarding magnificence deals, it is the No. 1 claim to fame magnificence retailer on the planet.

How is this occurring?

Beauty Exchange’s story offers various key takeaways for retailers:

Beauty Exchange

  • Focus on computerized. Underneath, we’ll unload Beauty Exchange’s advanced desire and how the organization has attempted to accomplish them.
  • Improve the physical store. Today, retail is about “disconnected insight.” Beauty Exchange drives an incentive from physical retail past deals per square foot.
  • Coordinate in-store advances to connect with customers. Beauty Exchange assists customers with understanding for explicit buyer problem areas, utilizing expanded reality, facial filtering, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
  • Customize item or administration proposals dependent on client information. Limiting information is key for arriving at worldwide business sectors. Beauty Exchange utilizes personalization to pull in and keep up faithful clients.
  • Fabricate organizations. Beauty Exchange uses organizations to help and develop more modest brands that could fill in as future circulation accomplices or obtaining targets.
  • Develop hearty reliability and prizes programs. Beauty Exchange adjusts itself to clients’ qualities through advantages and rewards programs.
  • Underneath, we plunge into these components and others driving Beauty Exchange’s development, the organization’s new computerized activities, the opposition and difficulties it faces, and where Beauty Exchange could go later on.


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Chapter by chapter guide

Beauty Exchange and LUXURY GOODS COMPANY: How Beauty Exchange helps its parent organization’s specific retailing system
Beauty Exchange’s computerized change

//How Beauty Exchange’s corporate structure underpins computerized //

  • Beauty Exchange advancement lab
  • Content, online networks, and influencer promoting
  • Influencer promoting
  • Select item dispatches
  • Excellence insider program
  • Dangers and contenders
  • Finishing up musings

Beauty Exchange and LUXURY GOODS COMPANY

// How Beauty Exchange supports its parent organization’s particular retailing procedure //

Beauty Exchange

It’s difficult to foresee where Beauty Exchange is going next without first taking a gander at the connection among Beauty Exchange and its parent organization LUXURY GOODS COMPANY, a Paris-based extravagance combination.

LUXURY GOODS COMPANY initially gained Beauty Exchange in 1997 to improve its distributorship of scents and excellence items. Beauty Exchange had 54 retail locations with almost 1,500 representatives at the hour of its procurement, as per Business Wire.

Today, LUXURY GOODS COMPANY claims that the excellence goliath has developed to around 2,300 retail locations with 30,000 representatives, working across 33 nations.

Beauty Exchange sits in LUXURY GOODS COMPANY’s Selective Retailing division, which intends to “change shopping into a novel encounter” across magnificence retail (Beauty Exchange), travel retail (DFS and Starboard Cruise Services), and retail chains and food ideas. These fragments center on extravagance items, in-store administrations, digitization, and personalization.

Beauty Exchange is a solid income driver and a champion inside the division. As per a Q2’16 income call, Beauty Exchange spoke to about 45% of LUXURY GOODS COMPANY’s business in South Florida.

The aggregate noted in its 2017 outcomes that Beauty Exchange has kept on picking up a piece of the pie, with especially solid development in North America and Asia (incompletely empowered by LUXURY GOODS COMPANY’s procurement of Atlanta based magnificence web-based business stage Luxola in 2015.

Voice as the following outskirts for magnificence brands

With the expanded foothold of Alexia and Google Home, excellence organizations must ace voice-based shopping to guarantee their brands stay ahead of the psyche for buyers.

Beauty Exchange

In November 2017, Beauty exchange dispatched its application on Google Assistant with highlights to book magnificence administrations, take tests, and tune in to influencer curate excellence digital broadcasts.

Past customer diversion and commitment, this likewise enables Beauty exchange to accumulate information on buyer inclinations.

“The utilization of voice associates … has ended up being something other than a trend. It’s making ready to a minor computerized insurgency, of which Beauty exchange needs to be a pioneer.”

Categories in Beauty Exchange Stores


  • U part wig
  • Deep lace part pre tweezed wig
  • 100% human hair exclusive quality & comfort style – versatility wig
  • [ 4C COILY ] outer quick weave big beautiful hair synthetic half wig
  • [ 4A KINKY ] outer fast weave large beautiful hair synthetically half wig
  • [ 4A COILY ] outer large beautiful hair lacy front wig
  • [ 4A KINKY ] outer quick weave big beautiful hair synthetically half wig
  • [ 4A COILY ] Deep lace part pre tweezed wig


  • Bronzer
  • Concealer
  • Contour powder
  • Foundation
  • Cream
  • Eyelash glue
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Eye primer
  • Face powder
  • Face primer
  • Lip glosses
  • Eyelashes
  • Highlights
  • Lip balms
  • Lip liners
  • Lips primers
  • Lips stickers
  • Makeup remover
  • Mascara
  • Nail polish
  • Rouge
  • Blush or blusher
  • Setting sprays

Beauty Exchange


  • Simple 3 strand braids
  • French braid
  • Fishtail braid
  • Dutch braid
  • 4 strand braid
  • Rope twisted braid
  • Pull through braid
  • Reverse braid
  • Waterfall braid
  • Milkmaid braid

Half wigs/ full caps

  • Bob wig
  • Straight wig
  • Wet and wavy wig
  • Loose curl wig
  • Tight curl wig
  • Wavy wig
  • Afro wig

Locations of beauty exchange

  • Beauty Exchange no. 143118 Edgewood Ave W. Jacksonville.
  • Beauty Exchange no.181403 Dunn Ave unit 26 Jacksonville
  • Beauty Exchange no. 104497 N Pine hills road Orlando
  • Beauty Exchange no. 096359 W Colonial DR. Orlando
  • Beauty Exchange no. 134649 S Blossom tail Orlando
  • Beauty Exchange no. 082100 45th street West palm beach
  • Beauty Exchange no. 206905 highway 85 Riverdale
  • Beauty Exchange no. 1960009 memorial Dr. suite 12 stone mountain.

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