New York City College of technology

New York City College of technology is a graduation or 4 years Degree College commonly known as City Tech. city tech was founded back in the year 1946 in Brooklyn New York, and initially, its name was “The New York State Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences”.

At that time, the motto of this college was to educate the returned soldiers of World War II, New York, and especially America lacked the grip on technology and economical education at that time – and those were the times when World War II ended but a new war began “The economical war”

New York City College of technology

The idea behind The New York State Institute of Applied Arts and Science or recent The New York City College of Technology was basically to educate the returned people to enrich their state with economical education and Technical education.

From its beginnings as an Institute to being sanctioned as a junior college and along these lines progressing to senior school status during the 1980s it has developed from serving 246 understudies in 1946, to a populace today of in excess of 30,000 degrees and non-qualification looking for understudies.

Faculty/Staff and students

City Tech has an enlistment of in excess of 17,000 understudies in more than 66 baccalaureate, partner, and concentrated declaration programs including a few designing innovation fields just as engineering,

New York City College of technology

development, nursing, friendliness the executives, amusement innovation, dental cleanliness, vision care innovation, innovation educator preparing, and paralegal preparing. Non-degree proceeding with instruction is likewise offered and serves roughly 14,000 understudies every year. City Tech is licensed by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.


New York City College has 3 affiliated schools

  • School of Technology and Design
  • School of professional studies
  • Schools of arts and sciences


The New York City college has the following departments within its schools

In the school of technology and design

  • Department of Communication Design formerly Advertising Design & Graphic Arts
  • Department of Architectural Technology
  • Department of Computer Engineering Technology
  • Department of Computer Systems Technology
  • Department of Construction Management & Civil Engineering Technology
  • Department of Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Department of Entertainment Technology
  • Department of Environmental Control Technology
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology

In the school of professional studies

The eleven offices housed in the school give guidance at the partner and baccalaureate levels, prompting degrees in the regions of medical care, business, neighborliness, paralegal considers human administrations and vocation and innovation educator instruction.

New York City College of technology

  • Department of Business and Finance
  • Department of Career & Technology Teacher Education
  • Department of Dental Hygiene
  • Department of Restorative Dentistry
  • Department of Health Services Administration
  • Department of Hospitality Management
  • Department of Human Services
  • Department of Nursing
  • Department of Law/Paralegal Studies
  • Department of Radiologic Technology & Medical Imaging
  • Department of Vision Care Technology
  • Department of Business Technology
  • ⦁Department of Biomedical informatics.

In the school of arts and sciences

The School of Arts and Sciences is home to various majors: move degrees in Liberal Arts and Liberal Arts and Science, partner degrees in software engineering and synthetic innovation, and the baccalaureate degree in applied arithmetic.

New York City College of technology

The school is additionally home to another and quickly developing a four-year certification program in Biomedical Informatics, which is at the crossing point of IT and biomedical examination.

  1. African American Studies
  2. Biological Sciences
  3. Biomedical Informatics
  4. Chemistry
  5. English
  6. Humanities
  7. Liberal Arts & Sciences (AA/AS)
  8. Mathematics
  9. Physics
  10. Social Science


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New York City College of technology

The New York City College recruited its first library chief in 1957. The ebb and flow school library developing circumvented 1987.

In 2012 the library staff received an open-access strategy to make its individuals’ expert examination freely available on the web.


City Tech involves nine structures inside Downtown Brooklyn’s Tech Triangle, MetroTech BID, and DUMBO. Schools Administrations or Offices, the Ursula C.

Schwerin Library, the School of Professional Studies, and the School of Arts and Sciences are essentially situated in a complex framed by the Namm, Library (in the past Atrium), General, and Pearl structures in MetroTech (300 Jay Street).

The Schools of Technology or Design is basically situated in Voorhees Hall in DUMBO with Graphic Arts situated in MetroTech Complex.

A supertall high rise planned by Renzo Piano, which would have been known as City Tech Tower and contain 65 stories for the school and 600 units of housing, was proposed, yet scrapped.

In October 2013, City Tech held a stately weighty to stamp the development of another 350,000 square foot scholastic complex at the edge of Tillary and Jay Streets in Downtown Brooklyn, which would open in August 2018. The new intricate possesses the site earlier involved by the Klitgord Center.

The new eight-story building, known as the Academic Complex, is home to City Tech’s extending programs in medical services and technical disciplines.

The offices moved into the new structure incorporate the center sciences: Physics, Chemistry, and Biological Sciences (counting Biomedical Informatics).

It is additionally home to the wellbeing programs: Nursing, Radiologic Technology, and Medical Imaging, Dental Hygiene, Restorative Dentistry, and Vision Care Technology.

The Academic Complex incorporates a 1,000-seat show lobby quality assembly hall, the biggest of its sort in Downtown Brooklyn. A wellbeing community and personnel office space are likewise situated in the Academic Complex.


City Tech groups took an interest as an individual from the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Division III. City Tech started CUNYAC rivalry in the junior college area from the meeting’s commencement in the 1987-88 season, later to join its senior school segment in the 1999-2000 season.

kNew York City College of technology

Men’s games included b-ball, cross-country, soccer, tennis, and volleyball; while ladies’ games included b-ball, cross-country, softball, tennis, and volleyball. City Tech’s athletic program is in rest until new offices are accessible.

Notable alumni

New York City College of technology

  • Eric Adams – Borough President of Brooklyn
  • Hiroaki Aoki – originator of the Benihana chain of cafés
  • Zev Brenner – president and originator of Talkline Communications
  • Salvatore Cassano – New York City Fire Commissioner
  • Larry R. Felix – Director of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing
  • Robert Holden – New York City Councilmember
  • Michael Lomonaco – gourmet specialist, restaurateur, and TV character
  • Julian Niccolini – Managing Partner at the Four Seasons Restaurant
  • Samuel E Vázquez -Visual Artist
  • William Yosses – Chef in the white house
  • Beam Sharkey- Actor

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