Tips to become the best videographer

Videography is the new sensation of the online business world, and as a matter of fact, many youngsters are roaming around telling everyone that they are videographers but becoming a videographer is not that much easy,

It’s not like you buy a camera and start shooting randomly and then you think that you’re a videographer. No, my friend, stop right there – you’re not a videographer yet.

Tips to become the best videographer

Although you don’t necessarily need a degree to become a videographer still you need to learn the basic tactics to become a videographer.

First of all, the thing one should know is the difference between Cinematography and Videography!

Difference between a cinematographer and videographer

Cinematographers and videographers basically do the same thing – “holding camera and recording” but there is a slight difference between both of these characters and this slight difference actually creates a distinction between the two.

Tips to become the best videographer


As the name shows, it is primarily concerned with cinema and movies. Cinematographers are termed as directors of cinema and they are hired by production houses without any hesitation as cinematographers have the basic knowledge of filming and they know the science and tactics of how to use a camera. Cinematographers mostly work in a team.


A videographer is mostly not as respected as a cinematographer is and also can’t get as many opportunities as a cinematographer can avail, that’s because of his lack of knowledge about videography and lack of tactics to handle and use a camera. Videographers are often solo workers.

Now that we know what cinematography is and what videography is, it is clear that a cinematographer is always preferred at a videographer. The reason behind that is also clear.

Coming back to our basic topic, let’s discuss the basic tactics and skills one needs to attain in order to become a videographer.

In the following list, I have included all the basic and top tips on how to become a videographer.

Start learning and research videography

Tips to become the best videographer

The very basic step on the way of videography is to start learning about it and to learn videography you don’t necessarily need to go to any university or art college in your town. You can easily learn videography online.

You can learn it through social media too, as long as you have a mobile phone in your hand and an internet connection connected to your smartphone you don’t need to go anywhere to learn anything.

All you need to do is just open YouTube in your browser and search about related lectures, there are plenty of lectures on how to become a videographer available on YouTube.

Tips to become the best videographer

Just download a few lectures, listen to them with concentration. Most of them who are giving lectures on YouTube are professional videographers and you can learn a lot from them, other than YouTube, you can just read a few articles about videography because obviously writers know videography too and mostly writers themselves are videographers as well.

Buy a good camera

Tips to become the best videographer

Obviously, you cannot become a videographer without a camera, so the 2nd step from the perspective of being a videographer is buying a good camera.

After you got a camera, start practicing on your own. Start it with photography, click pictures of different things, pictures of people and animals.

Once you get to know about how to focus on things, what in specific scenery is focus worthy and where to put the blur effect, you have taken a step forward to the way of Videography.

Whatever you learned from all those YouTube videos and all those articles, apply all of that knowledge to your pictures and videos.

Now when we are talking about buying a camera the thing I want to mention is almost 70% of the videographer community started their career as a videographer just because they wanted to earn money with a little less effort ( videography is not an effortless job,

It needs a lot of hard work and commitment, so if you are becoming a videographer thinking that you’ll have to just press on the record button of camera and the video will be ready when you are at fault),

Videography needs investment at the start as well, and if someone can’t afford to buy a camera – he can start with his mobile too, but the camera is always a better option than a phone.

So lend money from someone if you can’t afford to buy a camera or use your savings if you have some but buying a camera because competition between videographers is rising day by day and if you want to become a competent videographer try your best to start with your best.

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Get enrolled in any videography class

Tips to become the best videographer

Now you have a camera in your hand and basic videography skills in your mind, the next thing you need to do is to get enrolled in any videography class.

If you can find any online class that’s the best option as studying from home is better than being present in physical classes.

So when you’re attending classes on videography try to utilize all that knowledge in your videos, with each passing day whatever you are learning in your class try your best to put show that through the lens of your camera.

These videography classes will prove to be the final nail in the coffin. Nothing more is necessarily needed afterward.

While taking videography classes keep one thing in your mind that whatever you learned while researching videography and from all those YouTube videos and all those articles – you need to use that basic knowledge as well.

In your classes, you’ll get taught about the science of camera and videography and you’ll have career-defining classes where they’ll tell you in which field you can go and what you can do, you’ll not be given any lectures about the basics of videography.

These classes will just enhance what you already are having within you, they’ll not tell you how to operate a camera – this is the thing that will come from your hard work on your own self.

You shape your videography skills and these classes polish your videography skills.

Tips to become the best videographer

The basic things to become a videographer are to develop skills and to get technical education. Skills depend totally on your hard work and technical education is dependent on you and your videography classes.

And if you’re in your teens and have not got enrolled in university yet, prefer earning a degree that is related to videography.

There are a handful of degrees in university that are related to videography for example cinematography, video editing, Mass Communication, Media, and Broadcasting.

This will provide you with valuable technical skills related to the field of videography and will ultimately lead you to a career full of opportunities.

Start working as a videographer

Tips to become the best videographer

Now that you have gained all the necessary knowledge and skills the next thing you need to do is start working as a videographer.

At this point, I want to mention one thing that people don’t show much respect to videographers and they don’t want to pay someone who is doing nothing but holding a camera (that’s what people think about videographers)

people think it’s a very easy job and anyone who is holding a camera in his hand can do it without any effort.

Moreover to start working you need to create a portfolio to get work. As no one wants to give a job to anyone who is not having experience in the related field.


Everyone is seeking a person with experience of at least one year. No one wants to hire a newcomer. So the thing you need to do is “Work for free”. You have to cover at least three to four projects for free to create your portfolio so you may get work.

For creating a portfolio sometimes you have to ask people on your own to do their video projects. Create creative videos from your daily life, record the normal things you get to see every day.

Try effective backgrounds in your videos; try special effects to get a special response from clients. At this stage you need one more thing regarding your career; you need to start working on social sites for example YouTube.

Plus you need to create your account as a videographer on different online earning websites.

Be resilient and hard-working

Tips to become the best videographer

As I mentioned earlier, people don’t respect videographers much, they don’t want to waste their time money on a videographer.

The big media houses or even small production houses are not willing to work with a videographer they would rather prefer a cinematographer on a videographer for their filming projects.

It will take some time (in some cases it takes a lot of time) to gain respect, earn money, and make a reputation in the list of videographers.

Until you don’t get a work from production houses or brands or any local project you keep on working on social sites and on online earning websites.

Remember you are starting your career from zero and it will take a lot of hard work, time and resilience to reach a hundred so be patient and hopeful.

Also, look for a mentor around you too, you may find someone in your field who keeps you encouraged, try to be friends with such people.

It’ll keep you positive and zealous about your career and it’ll end up in a valuable experience regarding your career as well.

Mentors of your own field can be helpful in marketing yourself for example when you’re marketing yourself on social media, your friend can also market you by sharing your portfolio through his account, maybe he suggests you a few jobs as well that you were not knowing before.

So try to find such friends and mentors who are already working as a videographer in this field.

Join a team videographer

Tips to become the best videographer

Don’t work as a solo for a long time, try to find a team, it can be a team of all newcomers or you can join a team of some seniors. It can be helpful for you in further learning.

Moreover joining a team is always helpful for everyone because as a team you can handle big projects in a small-time plus productions houses and brands mostly prefer teams over solo videographer so it is possible that you may get chances to work as a professional videographer within your team, after creating a strong portfolio you can create another team too.

Once you come into the eye of the videography industry there will be a list of projects you will be called for as talent is appreciated everywhere.

Keep on further learning, keep on brushing your skills and talent and one day your dream of becoming a professional videographer will come true.

Be choosy while selecting projects

Tips to become the best videographer

Once you get acknowledgment in the field of videography, you’ll gradually gain respect, money, fame, and skills.

When you see yourself getting success and fame as a professional videographer than be selective while choosing projects, don’t choose such projects which are time-consuming but are not paid enough.

Try to concentrate on big projects so you may have a stronger portfolio and an effective introduction in the future.

Create short films

While stepping upward the ladder of success, don’t just rely on the projects you got from other people, step into the production industry as well.

Tips to become the best videographer

Your team at that point should include at least one professional writer and one editor so you may have someone who can write and edit the script of your short film, but it would be better to have a crew of more than 5 people, a team should be always complete.

If you know someone whose acting skills are praiseworthy, cast him/her in your film, go behind the camera and shoot the film.

These were the essential steps and top tips one should know to gain success in the field of videography and to become a professional videographer.


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