How to remove powered by Shopify

If you want to know how to remove powered by Shopify if you want to remove powered by Shopify from your footer on your online store then read this article you will know how to remove. There are several ways to remove it that will be explained in this article.

Powered by Shopify.

By default, every Shopify store displays the text “Powered by Shopify” in the footer. To learn how to change this text, or how to remove powered by Shopify completely, keep reading.

Start on your Shopify admin. Click the online store. On the themes tab, find the theme that you want to edit. Click action, then click edit languages. In the filter translations box, type “powered”. Powered by Shopify appears I’m two places of your online store.

The first in the footer of your online store. The second is on your store’s password page. The text-only appears here if your store is not live and is password-protected. To remove the text from the footer of your online store, scroll to the powered by Shopify box.

How to remove powered by Shopify.

Use the space bar on your keyboard to type a single space to remove the next completely. Or, enter any other text you’d like to see instead. To remove the text from your password page, scroll to the powered by Shopify HTML box.

Delete the text that appears or replace it with something else instead. Click save to finish. The powered by Shopify text has now been removed from your online store. Keep in mind, the powered by Shopify text is only removed on the theme you edited.

If you upload another theme, you need to follow these steps on the new theme as well. For assistance on editing a third party theme, contact their support directly. Read this article in full. In it, you will easily learn how to remove powered by Shopify. This is a very easy way.

There are two more ways for how to remove powered by Shopify.

How to remove powered by Shopify. Let’s get into it there are two ways that you can do this number one we are gonna go here to online store.

I’m gonna wait for this to load go to actions to drop down on the actions and you can go to edit languages once that loads you go to the search and search for powered and this will bring up any time that that word is mentioned on your website so right now.

We have it for our general password page and our checkout and systems link so right here you can go to just backspace whatever is written or if you don’t have anything just add a space so that it completely gets rid of it same over here on the password page.

How to remove powered by Shopify

you can just delete that at a space and make sure that they are both blank once you have that going on you can click save I’m gonna go ahead and go to our preview page so you can see what I’m talking about here so right here at the bottom.

It says powered by Shopify and it has a link to Shopify that’s what we are trying to get rid of and it looks like this already saved so let’s go ahead and refresh the page and we see here at the bottom that the powered by Shopify link has been deleted now that’s sort of the easy way to do it and a lot of Shopify.

The theme has the ability to for you to edit the language you may have a different type of the theme that maybe we can edit that but it still won’t go away so I’m gonna go into the actual edit code and show you how to find that and get rid of it.

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The second way how to remove powered by Shopify.

So in order to do that the second way how to remove powered by shopify you can go to actions then edit code and then within the edit code is very important to try not to change anything else on any of these files.

Deleting a period from the code can actually break your website in different ways so it’s very important to stay within the things that you know.

How to change and just change those things so for example here this shows you all the files for the webs and what we are going to do is we are going to search for the footer.

How to remove powered by Shopify

And we search for the footer you’ll see under sections you have a footer dot liquid I’m gonna open that one and in here I’m going to click on the next here and then command For Ctrl if you are on PC and it’s going to open up.

The search writes down the search we can type in the same word powered you will see where it says small all this line of code right here and then powered by a link so all you have to do grab that right there just the powered.

By the link between those who brackets and the backspace and save that and that should be it you can just exit out of that and go back to your dashboard and you can check it.

I mean already deleted it from the edit languages so I didn’t have to necessarily do that step for my theme but there are other things that it requires you to actually edit the code and that’s how it’s done see you next time.

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