PTI leader Usman Dar Press Conference in Sialkot

PTI Leader Usman dar press conference

PTI leader Usman dar press conference this is my faith. In the whole Punjab, the way I have told you that the police from Sialkot has begun to accelerate. Modern police stations are being built in other districts of Punjab as well.

 Prime minister Imran khan’s vision as I told you that in the next six months, our mission is to complete the reforms of the police stations and with our promise, it is our promise to the People of Sialkot to the People of Punjab.

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 Today, there is no case of political reexamination in Sialkot in the last two years. No PMLN worker can claim leadership of any PMLN. Political reexamination is being done in the government of chief minister Usman buzdaar sahib in the government of prime minister Imran khan.

 It is our mission that the police, whose job is to give justice to the citizens, is to decide on merit.

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