Prime minister of Pakistan Imran khan’s message on Kashmir is observing accession to Pakistan day

Imran khan

Prime minister Imran Khan has said that we intend our commitment to the people of Kashmir. Social networking website is the message of prime minister Imran Khan on Twitter.

Today we remember the historic occasion of the accession day of Pakistan. When the people of Kashmir passed the resolution of accession with Pakistan. We renew our commitment to the people of Kashmir and stand with them in their struggle for self-determination.

 The right to self-determination for the people of Kashmir is recognized by the security council and under global law. We are the people of Kashmir who are aligned against the cruel/illegal tactics of the Hindu pro-racist Indian government.

 Your struggle will continue to bring justice. I know that justice will be spoken. Prime minister Imran Khan said that the time is not far when justice will be spoken.

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